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tv   Bob Woodward  CSPAN  September 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:55pm EDT

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managing you as assistance projects in eastern europe -- u.s. assistance projects in eastern europe. she received her bachelor degree in colorado. don't you love that all of them have colorado connections? [applause] she was married to fill upphiliy and they have five children. please welcome liz. >> thank you. thank you very much. it is such an honor to be here, and such an honor to be here in the presence of such wonderful, strong women. i was sitting here listening to
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donna and laurie talk about mitt romney. it just struck me the difference of the kind of human being who does everything he can in any circumstance to make things better and the man who currently in have is the oval office, who seems to take every turn to avoid the crisis and find someone to blame. we have all seen what happens after four years of that kind of leadership. you know, i think as a mother of five, three of them daughters, as someone who comes from a long line of strong women, and i know that most of you know my mother -- my great-great grandmothers, i am sure that some of you in this room have a similar story. lots of us in colorado share a similar family history. my great-grandmothers came here
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on the oregon trail. my great-grandmother raised four kids in a ragtop house in casper, wyoming. if you think they sound tough, you should have met my grandmother who was the first deputy sheriff in a town in wyoming. [applause] so, i do feel like i have some authority to talk about women and what we care about and what this election means to as. when i think about the women in my family and the dreams they have and the kind of world they wanted their daughters and granddaughters to live in, and i thought of them when i watched the democratic convention. and the democratic convention and the obama administration and the democratic pitch to women this time around seems to be
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focused entirely around the a guarantee that the government will pay for everyone's contraception. as i watched the convention and thought about my grandmother and my great-grandmother's and the dreams they had, i wondered, is it really the case that that is the limit of the dream that those speakers have for their daughters and granddaughters? [applause] think we you all should aim may be just a little bit higher than that? [applause] now, if you happen to be a stay at home,, this administration also has a message for you. i am sure that many of you heard this. one of the president felt he wrote operative said that ann romney in particular had never worked a day in her life. yes. because she was stay at home.
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if you think about every stay at home on that you know, first of all, i am 100% confident, you pick any stay at home mom and she will know more on her little finger about how to balance the budget, about how not to live beyond her means than the entire obama administration combined. [applause] and it occurs to me that we have won it very clear and easy solution to follow the grave challenges we face as a nation and that is on november 6, let's make sure we make barack obama a stay at home dad. [applause] and it will not, a day to send. [laughter]
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you all know, you have heard chain talk about in particular the challenges we face -- jane talk about in particular the challenges we face here at home. i know the president did not use this word. i am pretty sure mrs. obama did not use this word. "record." because they do not want to talk about president obama's record. the only thing they can do is criticize governor romney, tell you things that are not true about governor romney, tell you things that are not true about republicans, try to scare people. because his record is abysmal. if it is possible, i will tell you that his record on national security is even worse than what we have seen him do here at home. you know the numbers here at home. 50% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed. we see unemployment among women above 8% across the board.
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unemployment among all americans above 8%. did you all see the president say the other night "that's not the short term." i think it is $50 billion a day in debt. that is not in the short term? and when we think about what is happening overseas, i know you turn on the tv every day. when this president came into office, i believe -- and i think you can go back and look at his words and see -- he was dedicated to the notion that he had to bring america down a notch. he did not believe america should be ascended. he went to the united nations and said any world order that elevates one nation above the others cannot survive. that is not only on odd to believe that, but it is completely anti to everything we
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know from history. what we know as republicans, and frankly what most democratic presidents have also known, is the world is a safer place when america leads. the world as a safer place when america is strong. [applause] and governor romney has made it absolutely clear that he will never apologize for the great united states of america. governor romney was right last week when he out after the embassies were attacked in cairo. [applause] and condemned the statement that our embassy released. we have extremists coming over the walls of our embassy, and they are burning our walls and the department of state apologizes for people who have
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hurt the religious feelings of muslims. governor romney added exactly right. and he had it right the next day, too. [applause] although the administration's response to the crisis of the last 10 days or so has been appalling, anyone watching could not have been surprised. this president has made it clear he wants to bring america back, he wants to put us in retrieve. he has also failed to stand with our most important ally the state of israel. -- most important ally, the state of israel. governor romney has said he will stand shoulder to shoulder with israel and he will ensure through whatever means is necessary that iran, the world's leading sponsor of terror, is never allowed to obtain nuclear
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capability. [applause] so, when you are talking to friends of yours, whether they are men or women, but especially women because it is us who will decide this election. not me, but you guys who will decide this election in colorado. please talk to them about what governor romney is going to do for this nation. talk to them about the extent to which he understands it is through economic growth and opportunity that everybody in this nation gets a fair shot. and for an economy that is not hindered by the massive taxes of obamacare, an economy that is not hindered by the total unbred -- unpredictability of the mass of regulations and more are coming, governor romney knows the private sector is the engine of growth in this country. and he knows our greatest days
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are when we remember that. we kept taxes low. we kept government small. we had strong national defense. when i talk to people in my home state of wyoming about what they can do in this election cycle, i say count on colorado. i have got to tell you guys -- our record is better than yours. we are always in the red column. with your help, we can put colorado in governor romney's column this november, and it is so important. and i want to leave you with just one more thought, and that is, you have seen things get nasty. i know what it feels like, laurie, when you see someone you love attacked, when you see lies told about you. they are trying to make it so bad and so awful, first of all that they win, and second of all
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that we stop fighting. we haveo send them a mission -- we have to send a message. we will not sit down and shut up. we need to take a lesson from what we did in wisconsin, which is one we combined organization, hard work, and the right message -- and we have but all three this time around -- we can and we will prevail. [applause] so, i want to thank you all for everything you've already done, and i want to tell you it is not nearly as much as you are going to have to work this next 46 days or what ever we have got left. is going to be a fight. we will have to fight harder and longer and stronger. if we do, we will be able to save this nation that we love so much. thank you for being here. thank you for all your hard work.
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[applause] >> thank you for coming. we are going to have two or three questions from the audience for our special guests, so if anybody has any questions, they can give you the might -- the mic, and we will do just a couple. >> thank you. this is for any of you guys. one of my bigger concerns, to be honest, is how this country is going to get reunited. you hear nancy pelosi, she comes off and just shames the republicans, and i think they have lost track that literally a half the country is one party and tapas the other. how do we get the group together, get the country back together to be united in our focus goals without giving up on our ethics and things like that?
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[laughter] >> it is a really important question. you know, one of the things that has been so heartbreaking about this administration has been how divisive and it has been. and when you think about governor romney's message across the board, how important it is to restore the private sector, how important it is to give americans opportunity, he understands that it job is the best way out of poverty. a job is the best way for the economy to grow. the obama team has very -- you know, you can watch it. you can see how calculating they are about this message for this group, this message for this group, how are we going to divide people? i think the american people see through that and i think they get very sick and tired.
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republicans are not always nice either to democrats. it goes both ways. i happen to think the democrats are worse. the challenges our next president are going to face are so huge, and i think about the fact that, you know, as i said before, president obama's first always to say, hey, it is not my fault. when, we hope, but governor romney is elected, it will be easy for him to look back at the disaster president obama has created, but that is not the kind of man he is. he will bring the country together. he did it in massachusetts. he knows that we are all americans and if we want to deal with the huge debt crisis, if we want to deal with the very dangerous situation president obama has created overseas, -- i think the first answer is governor romney.
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then i think the people you like to congress, the people you talk to elect to the senate. make sure that they know that they are working for you. you are not pressing them, -- you're not paying them, frankly to go to washington, and not give anything done. hopefully we will be unified again after november. [applause] >> i kind of was hoping to hear more about your expertise in the middle east, and especially it seems like there have been a lot more conversations lately about what is going on in the middle east and i was like to hear your point about how that can next to our nation and what we're in right now. >> yes. >> yes, i think we are all watching very, very troubled by
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what has happened. it seems to be the first thing you can say is while we applaud president obama for killing osama bin laden -- ordering the operation to kill osama bin laden -- while the has been very worried -- very busy spiking football's about that, they seem to have missed the fact that al- qaeda is resurgent in north africa and in the gulf. and killing the bin laden, although we applauded and welcome it, was not the end of the war. unfortunately, i think we will be at war for a long time and i think it is the kind of war we need intelligence, in particular, to win. the kind of enemy we are now facing we have never faced before as a nation. it is an enemy that operates their networks, that requires intelligence. i think it is really shameful that we do not have any way right now -- non-.
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you all know the president stopped the enhanced interrogation program. then he revealed the techniques to the enemy. then he said he put another program in its place, but he never did it. there is no program. although we are killing a lot of terrorists with drones and that is good, if you read jose rodriguez's book, for example, who oversaw the operation through the cia during a lot of the post-9/11 era, he said every time you incinerate a terrorist you lose the ability to figure out what was on his laptop, what was in his pocket, who did you talk to? our intelligence is getting dated every day because so much came out of that program and programs during the bush should ministration. so, the first thing we have got to do, i believe, is have a
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program to interrogate terrorist. the second thing is make it absolutely clear we are the united states of america. we are going to stand with our allies and our enemies better fear us. that is simply necessary. [applause] we are the greatest force for good the world has ever known, and the men and women who wear are uniform are not only the best fighting force the world has ever known, but they are also part of the greatest force for good the world has ever known. we liberate people. and when we do what this president has done, when we fail to stand up with israel, when we send a signal to radicals and extremist -- you know president obama went into the rose garden 24 hours after the embassy was attacked in cairo and he condemned the murder of our ambassador, obviously rightly.
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he did not say a word about the attack in cairo. immediately the message goes out, you attacked an american embassy, the president is not going to condemn a. we cannot live in a world like that. you cannot live in a world where america is not leading. i think we need to look hard at the relationship with egypt. the president got tripped up over whether they are still our ally. do right answer is, -- the right answer is -- the muslim brotherhood government allowed our embassy to be attacked, looks the other ways and fails to condemn it for least 24 hours -- that is not the action of an allied. we now have $1 billion in loan forgiveness we have promised egypt that clearly should immediately be rescinded. why in the world to u.s. taxpayers provide loan forgiveness for a nation that is supporting our enemies?
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[applause] so, we need to take a big step forward and say, all right, look. america is back and you can count on us. we're going to make sure that the iranians do not get a nuclear weapon. we know who the enemy is. we are going to fight the enemy, and we are going to stand up with those moderates across the arab world. i do not know if you noticed, secretary clinton went to cairo. american officials often it greeted with protest overseas. that is not unusual. what was unusual is the people protesting her said that there were protesting because americans were supporting the muslim brotherhood. they really believe that we are behind the muslim brotherhood. i have heard that our ambassador in cairo will not meet with any
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opposition leaders in egypt. not only are we not standing with our allies, not only are our enemies not fearing us, but those people we should be supporting or not in power believe we have walked away from them, we have made ourselves irrelevant. is a very tough situation. it will be very hard if we have to live through another four years of this president's policies and that is why it is so important to make sure we elect governor romney in november. one final question. >> decide now. -- go to this side now. >> liz, i have a couple of points. first, when are we going to hear liz cheney for president? [applause] i am a big fan. back to the point of the middle east, recently i have been
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wondering why it obama's poll numbers remain as high as they do. i am in total disbelief. i watched very closely what is going on in the media. seeing that you are a middle eastern experts and with the media as well, i can pull up yahoo news, all kinds of different news, and there is no mention that the pakastani embassy is on fire, that americans are being attacked all over the arab nations, and appointment numbers came out today. they are terrible. the deaths increased on and on and on. what they are reporting on is mitt romney's hair does not look good or some asinine story. what can we do as citizens to stop this crap? this is insane. i'm sorry. is in st..
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-- it is insane. [applause] >> well, you are exactly right. i think -- and i am not saying this just because i work for fox. i do work for fox. watch fox. [applause] i think the internet is a hugely important tool. the mainstream media, they are absolutely desperate, desperate to try to make sure barack obama is reelected. you cannot even make this stuff up. because they are ignorant. no. chris matthews saying the president gives him a tingle up his leg. i mean, you know. look, i think it is incumbent on all of us to be really well
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informed as an electorate. because of social media, because of conservative talk radio, because of fox, because of the internet, there are tremendous outlets of information. the wall street journal is also a terrific paper. you can get and formed and it is not as easy as it used to be for the media -- you can get informed and it is not as easy as it used to be for the media to turn an election. i think the american people understand what is going on. when you see that there is only one channel showing the crowd outside the embassy in islamabad, there is clearly going -- there's clearly something gone along. educating your neighbors, taking advantage of all the outlets out there, and not getting discouraged. when you think about what the obama campaign did to governor romney of the last couple of months, hundreds of millions of dollars of untruthful negative ads trying to run down his
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support at the polls, trying to paint him as something he is not, and all the obama campaign has managed to do is tread water, it tells you the american people are not buying it. they know what it feels like out here. they know how tough it is. just work hard and get the message out. thank you. >> president obama made remarks in milwaukee. this is the president's first visit since february to the area. he is pulling hire a long will likely to voters -- polling higher along likely voters in wisconsin. [applause]
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♪ >> hello, wisconsin! [applause] ah! you guys sound like you are fired up already. [applause] it is good to be back in milwaukee. [applause] first of all, it is good to be back because this is the closest i have been to home in a couple months. i was thinking about hopping on the freeway and just driving on down. you know, hour and a half, it may be a little shorter.
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you know, i am also glad to be in milwaukee because before i came out here, i was scheduled to have an outstanding sampling of brought worst -- bratwurst from milwaukee. i am also glad to be here because i get to see some breaks -- some great people like your mayor, who is in the house. your outstanding senator herb cole. and you're next united states senator -- you're next united states senator debbie. [applause] and just to prove that i am
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determined to bring everyone together, to move this country forward, i am proud to have the green bay packers in the house. [applause] we have your michael, your desmond bishop. and they were pointing out the results of the most recent bears-packers game. all i did say to them -- all i could say to them is it is a long season. we will play a couple more times. but we are so glad that they are here and it just goes to show you we are not as divided as
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some people think. [applause] we are not bears fans burst or packers fans first. we are americans first. now -- [applause] unless you have been hiding under a rock or your television is busted, you might know we have got an election going on. i will tell you about a story recently i heard. my campaign manager talk to this couple. they had their children with the. they saw a picture of me. the children -- the pair asked "who is this?" and the boys said that is barack obama. and he asked, what does barack
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obama do? and he said, "he approves that message." so, that is what i do. i approve this message. and that is because, you know, give mark a big round of applause for the work he does. what you heard from mark is we have got a very big choice to make in this election. and it is not just we two candidates or we two parties. is a joy it -- is a choice of two different paths for america. my opponent believes in top down economics. [jerring] >> don't boo.
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vote. vote. [applause] he thinks if we spend another $5 trillion on tax cuts for the wealthiest americans, our problems are going to go web. jobs and prosperity will rain down on everyone. it will all end happily ever after. we tried what they are selling. we tried it for a decade. it did not work then and it won't work now. you know -- [applause] this country does not succeed when only a very few do well. america succeeds when working families do well. win middle-class -- when middle- class families do well.
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win those working to get into the middle class are doing well. when everyone has a chance. that is when we are doing well. [applause] we cannot move forward if we have leaders who write off with the united nations, -- leaders to write off half of the nation, call them victims to do not take responsibility for their lives. i do not see victims of here today. icy hard-working wisconsinites. -- i see are working wisconsinites. i see students working their way through college. see single moms working overtime. i say senior citizens who worked
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their entire lifetime for their retirement. i see veterans. you know, milwaukee, we do not believe anyone is entitled to success. we do not think the government should help those who do not help themselves. but we do believe in something called opportunity. we believe in this country hard work should pay off and everyone should get a fair shot and everyone should do their fair share and everyone should be playing by the same rules. that is the country we believe in. and that is why it i am running to be president of united states. [applause]
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now -- wisconsin, the truth is the path i offer will not be quick. it will not be easy. you know, it is going to take a few years to deal with challenges that have built up over decades. but i want everybody here to understand there is no problem we cannot solve. there is no challenge we cannot meet. we have the best workers in the world. we have the best scientists and researchers in the world. we have the best colleges and universities in the world. we have got this incredible diversity and talents. which is what people want to come here from every corner of the globe. there is not a country on earth that would not replace is with the united states. [applause] but we are going to have to work hard.
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that is why i have put forward a plan to create jobs, build the middle class, rebuild its economy on a stronger foundation. we start by exporting more products without exporting more jobs. you will remember my opponent wants -- would have led detroit go bankrupt. >[jeering] >> don't boo. >> vote. >> we sent to much is at stake. we rebuild the dying auto industry and we put it on top of the world. that is what we want to do for manufacturing across the board. we will create 500,000 new man -- new manufacturing jobs. incentives to
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companies that are right here in milwaukee. that is how we move forward. companies and small businesses double their exports. we can create 1 million new manufacturing jobs the next four years. but it requires you to vote. it requires all of us to do our part. i want us to control our own energy. after 30 years of not doing anything, we raised fuel standards that means over the next decade your cars and trucks will go twice as far on a gallon of gas. [applause] we have doubled the amount of renewable energy we generate and thousands of americans have jobs developing wind turbines,
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long-lasting batteries. so, my opponent, he wants to let the oil companies write the energy plan. >> boo. >> don't boo. >> vote. >> he wants to give them corporate welfare from our taxpayers. we have a plan. we want to produce oil and natural gas, but we also want wind and solar and clean cold. we want to harness new biofuels. we want to put construction workers back to work building of homes and factories. we want to develop and cut our all -- our oil imports by half
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and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process. we can do it. but i need your help. i am going to need you to vote. [applause] i want to make sure that we have the best education system on earth. [applause] i would not be standing here unless i got a great education. it was the gateway of opportunity for me and for michele and for so many of you. and that is why we fought so hard to be sure that millions of students can pay for college because we took on a system -- let's give that money to students. [applause] now, my opponent, he wants to cut our investment in education to give tax breaks to the wealthy. >> boo. >> don't boo.
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>> vote. >> i have a different vision. i believe in the united states of america no family should have to put aside a college acceptance letter because they do not have the money. no company should have to look for workers in china because they cannot find them here in united states. so, wisconsin, i want you to help me. recruit 100,000 new math and science teachers. let's give it 2 million more workers a chance to build the skills they need at community colleges. let's help colleges and universities keep tuition down. we can meet these challenges together. but i am going to need your help. [applause] we need to bring down our
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deficit. but we are not going to do it by sticking it to the middle class. i've put forward a plan to reduce our deficit by $4 trillion. we have already cut $1 trillion of spending we did not need. i want to move forward to make sure our government is efficient. we can be wasting money. but i also want to reform our tax code so it is simple and fair and ask the wealthiest among us to pay a higher rate on incomes over $250,000. [applause] that's the rate we had when bill clinton was president. and our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs. we live from deficit to surplus. and by the way, we created a whole bunch new millionaires to boot.
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i have cut taxes for the middle- class. i have cut taxes for small business. and i want to keep your taxes lower. i can afford to pay a little more. and mitt romney sure can afford to pay a little more. [applause] and the reason i want to do it is not because i want to punish success. when you give tax relief to middle-class families, what do they do? when you have more money you do what? >> you spend it. >> you spend it. maybe you trade in that old car. maybe you buy a computer for your kid. and that means businesses have more customers which means companies have more profits which means they hire more people. and then the whole economy gets stronger. we don't build the economy from the top down. we build it from the bottom up. [applause]
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now -- i have got to say in fairness -- i love you back. [applause] sures why i want to make you get a reduction plan. look, my opponent has a plan, too. the problem is, like bill clinton said, there is no arithmetic in that. they think they can spend trillions of dollars more on tax cuts for the wealthy and somehow bring down our deficit. they can say how they will do it. they won't say how. we have $5 trillion in new tax cuts and we are not raising
11:43 pm
taxes on middle-class families? or spend another $2 trillion in military spending that our military says we do not need, asking you to foot the bill. the math does just not add up. i will tell you, milwaukee, i refuse to have middle-class families give their deductions for owning a home or raising kids just to give millionaires' tax cut. [applause] i refuse that -- to ask it college students to pay more or to cut headstart programs or eliminate health insurance for millions of poor and elderly just to fund tax cuts we cannot afford. [applause] i will not turn medicare into a voucher program. [applause]
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and we are not going to end up creating a social security system that is controlled by wall street. we are going to make sure that everybody can retire with dignity and respect. that is what we are fighting for. now i know we are getting a little wet, but that is ok. [applause] i am going to wrap up, but i have a few more things to said -- to say. just like we have choices here at home, we also have choices oversees. you know, our prosperity at home depends on our security oversees. four years ago i said i would end the war in iraq.
11:45 pm
and i did. [applause] i said we would wind down the war in afghanistan. and we are. [applause] a new tower is rising on the new york skyline. al-qaeda is on the path to defeat and osama bin laden is dead. [applause] now as we saw last week -- >> u.s.a.! u.s. said -- usa! usa! >> now -- as we saw last week, we still have problems.
11:46 pm
we saw the attack on our consulate. and we will bring those murderers do just as. [applause] and that is why as long as i am command -- as in commander in chief, we will have the strongest military in the world. and when our troops come home and they take off their uniform, we will serve them as well as they have served us. you protected our people. if you fought for our freedom, you should not have to fight for a job when you come home. [applause] mitt romney, he thinks it was tragic for us to end the war in iraq. he does not have a plan to end the war in afghanistan. i have and i will. and i will use the money we are no longer spending on board to pay down our debts and put us
11:47 pm
back to work. [applause] after a decade of war, we need to do some nation-building here at home. so, i know you are getting what, but i have one more thing to said. -- i know you are getting wet, but i have one more thing to say. [applause] let me say this. you know my opponents, they will keep on over the next 45 days spending more money than we have ever seen before, trying to tell you that since government cannot do everything, it should do almost nothing. their philosophy is you are on your own. if you cannot afford health insurance, hope you do not get
11:48 pm
sick. if you cannot afford to go to college, better borrow some money from your parents. let me tell you something. that is not who we are. i don't think government can solve all our problems, but i don't think it is the source of all our problems. i don't want to spend time blaming somebody else, blaming union groups, blaming immigrants, blaming gay people, blaming some other group. [applause] i believe we are all in it together. i believe we have to take responsibility for ourselves but also look out for one another. i believe and possibility -- in
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possibility in this nation. america is not just about what can be done for us. id is what can be done by us for each other. that is what our election was four years ago. it was about you. you were the change. all of us coming together. there is our reason there it -- there is our reason there is a mother in madison who does not have to worry about her son being a diabetic and been denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. you made that happen. you are the reason there is a student at the university of wisconsin who can afford to go to college now. or a veteran on the new gi bill. you accomplish that. you are the reason there is a family in green bay that has more money to buy groceries, but
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gas in the car, pay the bills. you are the reason that some young immigrant who grow up here and pledges allegiance to our flag will not be deported. [applause] you are what an outstanding soldier can still serve in our military because it does not matter who they loved. [applause] you did that. you are the reason those families are welcoming home their incredible men and women who protected us so bravely. you did that. i tried to make the point the other day in florida. i said you cannot change washington just from the inside. i have learned that. you have to enlist and localized, have the american people to bring about change from the outside.
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[applause] mitt romney heard me say that. he said -- he got all excited. he said, i think obama made a gaffe. he stopped and said "i will get the job done from the inside." and that made me want to ask what kind of inside job is he talking about? [applause] you know -- you know, is it one of those inside jobs where he is a rubber stamping the republican congress' agenda? we do not want that. if it is letting oil companies right our energy policy or insurance companies write our health care policy or out writeer's -- soutsourcers
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the tax code. that is not the kind of inside job we want. >> no! >> we do not want politicians in washington to tell women they cannot make their own health care choices. [applause] jobon't want that inside from washington. we have always said in this campaign that change takes more than one term. it takes more than one president. it takes more than one party. it cannot happen if you write off half the nation. in 2008, 47% of the country did not vote for me, but i said to those folks on election night, i said "i may not have one or both -- one your vote, but i will be your president, too."
11:53 pm
[applause] how many folksw will vote for me this time around, but i can tell you, i will be with you no matter what. i am not fighting to create democratic jobs or republican jobs. i am fighting to create american jobs. i am not fighting to increase school -- to improve schools in red states or lease base. i am fighting to improve schools in the united states. i am not fighting just on behalf of workers or businesses or rich or poor. the 1% or the 99%. i am fighting for american values. they belong to all those. and if you still believe in that, if you still have hope, if you are still ready to go, i am
11:54 pm
asking you for your vote. [applause] if you get out there and work these last 45 days, if you are willing to make some phone calls for me and not on some doors for me -- knock on some doors for me, we will win at milwaukee. we will win wisconsin. and we will remind the world by the united states of america is the greatest nation on earth. god bless you. god bless you. [applause] ♪ [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] cable satellite corp. 2012]


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